Dinner Time

Home Cooking and Frozen Meals

 Healthy, Home Cooked, Balanced Meals,
delivered to  your door, freshly prepared daily.
Fresh incredients, sourced in the morning 
and prepared with love and care.
Delivered to your door, in time, for your dinner table,
for your family to enjoy with no fuss...
Make family time around the dinner table enjoyable again.
No preparation, no cooking, no washing up

 We have Two daily Set Menus to choose from.


We cook both Menus fresh each morning. The meals gets packed and sealed

in disposable containers and are then dispached, ready to be delivered

by our driver in your area, to your Home or Office.


Ready to heat and eat. Just in time for a Late lunch or Dinner.


Our First menu are Balanced Cooked meals.


If that doesnt take your fancy, you can always opt for Menu 2, which are more
lighter meals, like Pastas and Filled pancakes. 

How does it work?

What do we offer?

Fresh Meals